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Toxic Antiperspirant Vs Natural Deodorant

Firstly, the difference between Antiperspirant and Deodorant - Antiperspirant inhibits the body's ability to perspire or sweat (this is where aluminium comes into the equation).  Deodorant simply absorbs and/or masks perspiration and its smell (body odour).

Antiperspirant, with all its additives, is toxic to our bodies and our minds.  So what is in antiperspirant that makes it so bad?....

Aluminium- known to be a neurotoxin so is linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.  When absorbed through the skin, people with lowered kidney function may accumulate aluminium in their bodies.  High levels of aluminium have been found in breast tumours close to the armpit.  As aluminium inhibits perspiration, the body is unable to remove toxins through sweating.  This is pretty important seeing as skin is the largest organ of the body.  Aluminium has also been linked to bone disease, specifically osteoporosis.

Triclosan - a pesticide which has the potential to cause cancer.

Petrochemicals - can be dangerous to the central nervous system, heart and liver.

Parabens - can mimic oestrogen in the body so is linked to hormone related cancers.

Also, synthetic colours and fragrances, all of which can be linked to either cancer or allergic skin conditions.

So what is the alternative?.....

Non-Toxic Deodorant !!

There are many natural deodorants available but please be sure to check the ingredient listings that no nasties have been added. Your options are generally a water based spray, oil based spray or roll-on, or a paste.  My personal journey to find the most effective toxin free deodorant lead me to Black Chicken Axilla Deodorant Paste (and it smells great!!).  I'm very happy to be now stocking this fabulous product.

$18.50 for the large jar and $7.99 for the small jar available in the webstore or at Botanical Living Clinic Famborough heights NSW 2526 Australia.  Also available for sensitive skin without bi-carb soda $19.50 for the large jar.