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                         Botanical Living Clinic

The Botanical Living Clinic focuses on Naturopathic and Remedial Therapies.  It is situated in Farmborough Heights near Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Owned and run by Leanne Stephens, qualified Naturopath, Botanical Herbalist, Remedial Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Oncology Massage Therapist and Nutritionist.  Leanne has been a therapist for 23 years.  Studying at The Australasian College of Natural Therapies Glebe, NSW and at Nature Care College St Leonard's, NSW, and with OM Oncology Massage LTD.   Leanne has an extensive knowledge of the body and how it works, as well as how to heal dis-ease within the body.  Being an Accredited Member of ATMS (Australian Traditional Medicine Society), health fund rebates are available.


by Appointment only

          What Naturopathic Treatment can do....             

  • empower you with knowledge to make better choices for your health
  • improve your body's elimination channels to release toxins
  • bring balance, energy, and vitality back to your body
  • strengthen your immune system
  • identify areas of weakness in your body and restore normal function


Conditions that may be helped by Naturopathic treatment....

  • cold/flu, sinusitis
  • fatigue, stress
  • insomnia
  • headache/migraine
  • eczema, asthma
  • hyperactivity
  • arthritis
  • gut disorders - nausea, bloating, reflux, pain
  • weight gain
  • hypertension, high cholesterol
  • recovery from illness

Conditions that may be helped by Remedial Massage....

  • fatigue, stress
  • headache
  • arthritis, neuromuscular disorders
  • musculoskeletal injuries
  • post-excercise muscle soreness
  • general back and neck pain/stiffness
  • toxic build-up