Botanical Living

Living with the Earth

Our Story....

I started my business as a Remedial Massage  and Aroma Therapist 20 years ago. After then becoming a Naturopath and having 2 beautiful children, my business evolved and Botanical Living came to fruition.  Still operating in my modalities, my focus is on mindfulness and toxic free living.  I believe if our mind is clear and balanced, and we greatly reduce toxic exposure to ourselves, we enable our bodies to heal and significantly reduce our risk of disease and illness.  

Botanical Living encompasses:

Touch through Remedial Massage

Scentuality through Aroma Therapy

Plant based Healing through Naturopathy

Mindfulness through Meditation and Retreat

Toxic Free Living through Chemical Free Products.

Through Nature we can heal our bodies, 

Through Energy we can heal our Spirit,

Through Community we can heal the Planet !!

- Leanne